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Quick Hitters – UNC @ Notre Dame

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 77-76 road loss to Notre Dame on Monday night.

Condensed Game:


  • Déjà vu? Nope. Groundhog day? Nope. Time travel? Nope. We really do keep witnessing the same miserable ending over and over again. Yes, most of the blame is on the Tar Heels for their play down the stretch in these losses, but how can you help but feel awful for these young men?

  • This was a game of runs. The Heels missed eight shots in a row in the first half, allowing Notre Dame to take a nine-point lead. Thankfully Carolina was able to get the lead down to three at the half. Notre Dame scored the first bucket of the second half but Carolina went on a 13-0 run to take an eight-point lead (19-3 extended run). Notre Dame eventually went on their own 9-0 run to cut the lead to five. The Irish kept chipping at the lead, but never led until the final bucket with :02.4 to go.
  • This was also one of those “Carolina-had-this-big-a-lead-with-this-much-time-left” games. The Heels held a 15-point lead with 8:15 remaining, a nine-point lead with 4:15 to go, and a four-point lead with the ball and just 66 seconds remaining. Another way to look at it: Carolina led from 16:35 of the second half until Notre Dame hit the kick-out three for a 77-76 lead.

  • Carolina will look back and rue several things, including two failed defensive rebounds in the final 90 seconds which both directly led to Notre Dame points.
  • Were the Tar Heels victim to another incorrectly adjudicated foul situation (for the third time in a late-game scenario)? Cole Anthony air-balled an ill-advised three with :21 left. Leaky Black nearly tracked down the offensive rebound, but was called out of bounds as he attempted to save the ball. Black’s right foot was clearly out-of-bounds, but only because he was quite clearly bumped by Notre Dame’s Nate Laszewski. If called, that would have been Laszewski’s fifth foul and he would not then have been able to hit the game winner (because he would have fouled out and because Leaky Black would have shot two free throws for a potential four-point lead). Here’s the play in question:

  • Much can and will always be said about Cole Anthony. He led all scorers tonight with 23, and despite some interesting decisions down the stretch posted his best assist-to-turnover ratio of the season at 6-to-1.
  • It’s interesting that Carolina was on the brink of a victory despite Armando Bacot scoring just two points (the first Tar Heel bucket of the second half). The freshman reeled in a typical 10 rebounds, but will need to contribute more offensively.
  • Leaky Black continues to put up productive, and diverse, stat lines. Tonight he recorded double-digit rebounds (10) for the first time in his career. He’s had at least one assist, block, and steal in five of the past six games. Black also contributed nine points tonight, including a no-hesitation three-pointer and 4-for-4 from the free throw line.
  • Garrison Brooks continues to be the most consistent performer on the year. He has back-to-back 20+ point games for the second time this season (22 tonight). Unfortunately, Brooks took exactly one shot (1!) over the final 8:30 of the game. The team has to find a way to continue getting shots for its best offensive players in crunch time. A very similar thing happened with Garrison Brooks during the stretch of the Duke game.
  • Christian Keeling’s double-digit scoring streak stopped at four games, but he managed nine in this one including the first bucket of the game just five seconds in.
  • The starting line-up was the same for the second game in a row with Christian Keeling taking the spot Andrew Platek had been occupying. However, Brandon Robinson was back tonight after missing four games. Robinson came off the bench to play 25:24. The starting five going forward will likely include two of Christian Keeling, Leaky Black, and Brandon Robinson.
  • The Tar Heels got their turnover issues mostly in check tonight. They committed just four in the first half, but added eight in the second half (including several costly turnovers down the stretch). The team got back to having more assists (18) than turnovers (12), however Notre Dame committed just six.
  • Carolina did their usual work on the backboards, routing Notre Dame 47-31, which included 18 offensive rebounds. These rebounds allowed the Heels to double up the Irish in second chance points, 16-8.
  • Similar to the Wake Forest game, Carolina missed just two free throws, both of which came from Garrison Brooks late in the first half. That also means that Carolina made every free throw they shot in the second half, including both ends of 1-and-1 on two separate occasions.
  • Curiously, Andrew Platek only played 4:32. That’s quite the fall for a player who was starting as recently as two games ago.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC @ Florida State

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 65-59 road loss to Florida State on Monday night.

Condensed Game:


  • The stat that tells you everything you need to know about this game: After leading for most of the game, Carolina missed 17 shots in a row from 16:22-to 5:23 of the second half. Yes, you read that right: Over the course of 10:59 of game time (more than one-fourth of the game) the Tar Heels missed or were blocked on 17 (SEVENTEEN!) straight field goals.
  • It was a low scoring first half and a rather close game. However, Carolina led 28-20 with 2:30 remaining before halftime. But the Seminoles went on a 9-0 run over those final 150 seconds to take a 29-28 lead into the locker room. Still, the Heels led most of game (18:27-15:28), but the Noles went up five with 10:00 to go and never really looked back.

  • The last ditch effort came with 51 seconds remaining. Christian Keeling hit a three to cut the lead to four. Florida State committed a turnover on the inbounds pass, but the Heels couldn’t convert a bucket and were never able to get the game down to one possession.
  • Garrison Brooks and Armando Bacot, who have been so important for Carolina in recent weeks, combined for just 11 points and 10 rebounds. That is the second-lowest combined total in a game for both stats this season. The Heels need that out of both players individually to be competitive.

  • Brooks’ five points was his lowest scoring output of the season.
  • Brooks and Bacot also struggled with foul trouble throughout the game. Bacot picked up his third foul with just shy of 16:00 remaining and Brooks picked up his fourth with just over 10:00 to go. Neither player fouled out, but the foul trouble with a thin front line leads to the ineffective play evidenced in the stats above.
  • Impressively, Carolina only committed nine turnovers against Florida State, who averages 18 forced turnovers per game. However, credit Florida State’s disruptive defense for wreaking havoc in passing lanes and keeping the Heels outside the perimeter time and time again.
  • As imagined following his rough ankle injury at the end of the Boston College game, Brandon Robinson was unable to play tonight. The absence of his shooting was a glaring hole as the Heels worked to fight back late in the game. In his absence, the rest of his teammates made six three.
  • Jeremiah Francis has played a similar role in each of the last two games. He comes in after the under-4:00 media timeout of the first half, plays around 3:00 and doesn’t play again in the second half. This is an effort to both give Cole Anthony a breather and protect Francis’ knee issues.
  • Cole Anthony was once again Carolina’s leading scorer with 16, but he took 22 shots to get there. While Anthony was admittedly an ineffective shooter prior to his surgery, he is certainly working his way back into playing form currently.
  • Anthony will also be frustrated with himself for going 3-for-8 from the free throw line after shooting a perfect 14-for-14 on Saturday. Two of these misses were each the front end of 1-and-1s with the Tar Heels trailing by five in the second half.
  • As a team, Carolina continues to struggle from the line, shooting just 64.7 percent (11-for-17) tonight.
  • Let’s take some time to be encouraged by some positives. Christian Keeling poured in a season high 14 points, six of which came as Carolina was trying to get back in the game at the end. He also had a great sequence midway through the first half where he made a deep jump shot to tie the game, got a block on the next possession (leading to a Leaky Black fast break lay-up), and then got a steal on the next possession (which he finished off himself). In fact, it was a great series for the whole team, who grabbed another steal on the next possession (Black) resulting in a Bacot dunk and a six point lead.
  • Leaky Black had a solid game, scoring in double-figures (10) for the third time in the past five games. Black was a stat-stuffer, also collecting five rebounds, three assists (just one turnover), one block and two steals.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Pecan or Lemon Meringue? An Unlikely Ode to Dean and Roy

Much of what I know about life I learned about from my maternal grandpa, Gene Lester Jarrett.

One thing Grandpa taught me is how to tie my shoes, since he and I are the only lefties in our family. I can vividly remember him coming to our house specifically for the purpose of teaching me the subtle nuances of southpaw shoe-tying.

Another thing I learned from my grandpa is how to appreciate all of God’s people. Grandpa approaches everyone with respect and honor. He taught me the importance of being able to call someone by name and to bring dignity to their life, no matter how “important” or not they are.

Grandpa also taught me some vital lessons about food.

If there was a food I didn’t want to try, he would joke with me, “Good, that leaves more for the rest of us!” While at the time I always rolled my eyes, of course I now use that very same line on my own children.

The single greatest food lesson I learned from Grandpa Gene dealt directly with dessert. You first need to know that my grandma is an unparalleled cook. Amongst other things, she makes phenomenal pies. She’ll typically make two different pies for dessert, like she did for Christmas dinner this year. You see, the multiplicity of pie possibilities provides options for someone who might not care for a singular pie option.

We were in Tennessee this year to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. Grandma made a pecan pie and a lemon meringue pie; two of my absolute favorites. Mere mortals would feel boxed in and choose just one of the pie selections for dessert. But not Gene Lester Jarrett.

When someone asks Grandpa if he wants pecan or lemon meringue, he sits back, furrows his brow in an attempt to appear boxed in by this difficult and limiting decision, and then definitively responds, “Yes.”

“Yes, Gene? What do you mean ‘yes’? I asked if you wanted pecan or lemon meringue. You can’t answer that with ‘yes’.”

“Yes. Give me a slice of both. I don’t want pecan OR lemon meringue, I want pecan AND lemon meringue.”

The man is a dessert genius. A dessert savant. The rest of us are playing dessert checkers and he’s playing dessert chess.

“What on earth do your grandpa’s dessert decisions have to do with North Carolina basketball?” Great question, glad you asked.

On the eve of Roy Williams breaking Dean Smith’s all-time wins record, you’re going to encounter a number of people in the days and weeks to come (if you haven’t already) who want to force you to choose between Coach Smith and Coach Williams. In this era of hyperbolic GOAT talk and ‘Top 5 Lists’ and if-you-aren’t-first-you-don’t-matter, there’s apparently no room in most peoples’ minds to allow both men to sit atop the pantheon of North Carolina college basketball.

But if you’re forced to pick one, it means you aren’t picking the other. If you choose Dean, you feel like you’re cheating on Roy. If you choose Roy, you feel like you’re cheating on Dean.

A vote for Dean means forgetting Hall-of-Famer Roy Williams’ 879 wins, three national championships, nine Final Fours, seven Conference Tournament Championships (three ACC, three Big 12, one Big Eight), 18 Conference Regular Season Championships (nine ACC, four Big 12, five Big Eight), multiple National Coach of the Year awards, nine Conference Coach of the Year Awards (two ACC, three Big 12, four Big Eight), and countless lives changed for the better amongst other astounding professional and personal accolades.

A vote for Roy means forgetting Hall-of-Famer Dean Smith’s 879 wins, two national championships, 11 Final Fours, 13 ACC Tournament Championships, 17 ACC Regular Season Championships, multiple National Coach of the Year awards, eight ACC Coach of the Year awards, one Olympic Gold Medal, and countless lives changed for the better amongst other astounding professional and personal accolades.

There’s no way you’re forcing me to pick just one of these two giants of college basketball coaching.

So as Roy Williams prepares to pass Dean Smith in total wins at some point in the coming days (hopefully on Saturday against Georgia Tech!), it doesn’t have to be a coronation for Coach Williams or a snubbing of Coach Smith.

This is a time for North Carolina faithful (and hopefully all of college basketball) to celebrate both men for the coaches, the teachers, the confidants, the activists, the role models that they both are.

This is a time to reflect on the memories that these gentlemen have inserted into your brain because of the way their basketball teams played on the court.

This is a time to remember how lucky you are to be a Tar Heel in that no other school can boast of two such renowned and successful coaches.

This is a time to think back on the scores of players whose lives have been completely altered because of one (or in some cases, both) of these men.

This is a time to recall the laughter you have when Coach Williams crouches down in a fiery defensive stance imploring his team to get a stop or how you would smile and shake your head at the absurdity of Coach Smith confidently convincing his team that they were going to win a game they had no business winning.

This is a time to relish the fact that neither of these men want or need the spotlight, but would rather focus on the young men in their care. After the win over Yale last Monday, Coach Williams didn’t want to be celebrated; he wanted to get back to the locker room as quickly as possible to check on the ailing Anthony Harris. Coach Smith would have done exactly the same.

This is a time to remember that both men would want you to celebrate the other. As Coach Smith’s son Scott said to Coach Williams after his 879th victory last Monday night, “Dad would be really happy.”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be Dean OR Roy. Just like my grandpa choosing between my grandma’s pecan or lemon meringue pie, choose Dean AND Roy.

Coach Smith or Coach Williams? Just say, “yes”.

Quick Hitters – UNC vs. NC State

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 113-96 home win over NC Stateon Tuesday night.


  • What an offensive showing. Carolina hit 50 points with 2:04 left in the first half. Carolina’s season scoring average is 88 points. They hit that number with 9:54 left in the game and then eclipsed 100 with 5:36 left. The Tar Heels’ 113 points is the second most NC State has ever allowed.
  • Luke Maye eats NC State for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And his midnight snack. Maye finished with 31 points (a season high), 12 rebounds, and shot 10-for-10 from the free throw line. This is the first time all season he’s had back-to-back games of 20+ points.
  • With his two made three pointers, Kenny Williams is now number 20 all-time at Carolina in made threes. His 128 takes him past PJ Hairston’s 127. Who would have thought that the kid who hit one three-pointer his freshman year would find himself in this position.
  • After only four first half turnovers, the Tar Heels got sloppy with the ball and finished the game with 17.
  • Another strong rebounding game. Carolina outrebounded the Wolfpack 41-27.
  • One of best parts of the night was when NC State passed the 24 point barrier (their total score from their game Saturday) with around 6:00 minutes remaining in the first half. The Dean Dome crowd let out a sarcastic cheer.
  • Carolina was aggressive all night, but particularly in the first half. At halftime they held a 13-16 to 1-5 advantage at the free throw line. In the second half the Heels were in the bonus with 12:51 remaining.
  • What a stat line for Garrison Brooks: Eight points on 4-for-4 shooting. 10 rebounds. Six assists (led team). Zero turnovers.
  • Three Tar Heels had hit double-figure scoring by halftime and five total players by the time the game was over. Four of those five had at least 17 points.
  • Update on Coby White: he is very fast. That is all.
  • Nassir Little grabbed a rebound in the last couple minutes before halftime that he had no business getting. The man is a freak.
  • Incredible save from Kenny Williams with 1:00 left before halftime as he flew out of bounds. Passed the ball directly to Coby White for a wide open three.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC vs. Kentucky (CBS Sports Classic)

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 80-72 loss to Kentucky on Saturday afternoon in Chicago at the CBS Sports Classic.


  • For those of you traveling for the holidays that missed the game, you probably enjoyed the time you spent talking with your awkward aunt more than those of us who watched the game. It was painful. Here’s a microcosm that sums up what you missed: 54.3 seconds left. Carolina down eight. Kentucky’s Reid Travis misses front end of 1-and-1. P.J Washington was the only Wildcat lined up for the free throws. All 5 Tar Heels watch as Washington tips out the miss for an offensive rebound.
  • Both teams came into the game as dominant, top-level rebounding machines. Whichever team controlled the glass figured to be in position to win the game. Kentucky finished with a plus-10 margin (43-33) over Carolina. The typically offensive-rebound-happy Tar Heels only managed one in the first half and five total for the game. This marks the first time Carolina’s been outrebounded this season. The teams were close in just about every other stat. These rebounds tell the story of the game.
  • Turnovers, the live ball variety in particular, continue to be a bugaboo. Each time Carolina would get close to Kentucky, someone would commit a silly turnover leading to a run-out for the Wildcats. This happened frequently also against Gonzaga, but the offensive outpouring that night covered a world of sins. At some point, the horizontal, top-of-the-key live ball turnovers have to stop.
  • Cameron Johnson, who once again paced the team in scoring with 17, was the main turnover culprit (five). In fact, the starters combined to commit 14 of the 17 turnovers.
  • Kentuky’s Ashton Hagans is a blur and a disruptive defensive force. He finished with as many steals as points (seven). Hagans rolled his ankle midway through the first half, but was thankfully able to return. While we want to (thoroughly and soundly) beat all our opponents, we never want to see them injured.
  • Speaking of a blur, Coby White can seemingly get to the rim whenever he wants.
  • The game had an incredible pace to it early on. The teams were up and down the court.
  • Carolina had no answer for Stanford transfer Reid Travis. He finished with 16 points…in the first half. Brooks played him pretty well (particularly early in the second half) but there was a noticeable defensive drop-off when Manley subbed in.
  • Great energy from Seventh Woods early in the second half cut the lead down to four (47-43). After securing three offensive rebounds, Kentucky hit a three to immediately push the lead back to seven. Carolina never again got that close. Each time the Tar Heels began to cut into the lead, Kentucky responded with a bucket or a steal. Case in point: Carolina cut the lead down to six with just under seven minutes remaining. The Heels secured a defensive rebound but Hagans stole the outlet pass, which eventually resulted in a Wildcat three and a nine-point lead. From there, Carolina committed a live-ball back court turnover, resulting in another Kentucky breakaway lay-up.

  • A positive to walk away with: This was about as poor a performance as is seemingly possible from this group. Against Kentucky. And yet, the loss was only by eight points. What’s the take away? Clean up four or five of those lost possessions, and this is a different ball game.
  • Please keep in mind: Roy Williams teams have a proven track record of growing by leaps and bounds over the course of a season. Be patient and enjoy the evolution.
  • As well as this team typically scores, if they can hold on to the basketball, they should have a successful ACC record. If this team can’t learn to value the basketball, it will be a brutal ACC season. Back to the drawing board.
  • That said, whether it was Kentucky’s disruptive defense or just lack of precision, today’s offense was not marked by the usual certitude and team play. There was a lot of isolation and a lot of standing around. Baskets often felt lucky, rather than the foregone conclusions that they typically are.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC vs. Texas (Las Vegas Invitational)

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 92-89 loss on Thanksgiving evening to Texas in the Las Vegas Invitational.


  • First off: Happy Thanksgiving. Hoping you had a wonderful day with family and friends and ate way too much good food.
  • Same story, different chapter of the series versus Texas: Opposing guard goes off (Kerwin Roach, 32 points on 12-for-15 shooting). Texas out-physicals Carolina. Texas out-hustles Carolina. Texas out-toughs Carolina. Texas uses the dribble to get in the lane at will. The Tar Heels have now lost eight of their last nine to the Longhorns. Here’s Kenny Williams providing some senior prospective:
  • You might think that the absence of a back-up point guard isn’t a big deal. You’d be wrong. When Coby White checked out with 14:27 left in the first half, Carolina lead 17-5. Typically Seventh Woods would enter the game at that point and run the team seamlessly. Leaky Black just isn’t ready to do that yet and when White checked back in the lead was down to 23-18. Black projects to be an incredible player for this team, but the offense severely bogged down with the changing of the guard.
  • Turnovers were *yet againa major issue, at least in the first half. The Heels coughed the ball up 17 total times; 14 of which were in the first 20 minutes. Literally all 10 players that stepped on the floor for Carolina had at least one turnover.
  • Okay, let’s talk about something positive. Coby White knows how to put the ball in the bucket and we caught our first glimpse of just how prolific he can be. White poured in 33 points on 10-for-17 shooting, including 7-for-10 from deep and 6-for7 from the free throw line. Here’s a look at all his scoring:
  • As out-of-sync as the Heels looked most of the night, they fought to stay in the game and had their chances. Down 80-70 with just under 7:00 remaining, Carolina went on an 8-0 run in under a minute to close the gap to 2. Later, down three with 30 seconds left, Luke Maye had a great look at a three to tie the game, but the ball just wouldn’t stay down. Unfortunately the closest the Heels could get was two.
  • Need a reminder of how every play matters? With 3:30 remaining in the first half and the Heels up seven, Sterling Manley grabbed a rebound and threw his outlet pass to Kerwin Roach who took one dribble and buried a three. Final deficit? Three points. Here’s the play:

  • It wasn’t all bad for Manley. He had two really nice assists to Cam Johnson.
  • As well as Coby White shot, the senior trio of Luke Maye, Kenny Williams, and Cam Johnson were a combined 12-for-33 from the field, including just 2-for-13 from three.
  • After the St. Francis game, I mentioned that Carolina’s bench was outscoring the opponents 194-66. The bench only contributed 18 tonight.
  • Defense has been something of an issue all season. However against inferior competition, the problems have been masked. In the second half, Texas shot 62.5 percent from the field and from three. To put it bluntly, that just won’t cut it against either the rest of the non-conference schedule or the ACC gauntlet.
  • Despite winning the total rebound battle 41-32 and the offensive rebound battle 15-9, the small line-up surrendered some ill-timed offensive boards to Texas.
  • A final positive note: Congrats to Cam Johnson for reaching 1,000 career points combined between Pittsburgh & Carolina.

  • Despite the loss, the most painful part of the night for this writer? My wife is a Longhorn.

  • 2ndmost painful part of the night? We’re going to the Texas football game on Friday where I will be cheering for the Longhorns.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC vs. St. Francis (PA)

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 101-76 home win on Monday night against St. Francis.


  • Just like Carolina, St. Francis prides themselves on rebounding. Carolina still held a solid margin leading the battle of the boards 46-37. St. Francis, however, won the offensive rebounding battle 13-11.
  • 18 turnovers. The most in a game this year for the Heels. Coby White and Leaky Black were responsible for four apiece (but only one assist each). Keep in mind – these guys are freshmen and will have games like that sometimes.
  • On the other hand, Kenny Williams and Seventh Woods picked up the assist slack, while turning the ball over only once and twice respectively. Williams had a career-high nine assists while Woods had seven.
  • Speaking of Williams, just a few days removed from hurting his ankle, his status for this game was in question. Not only did he play, but Williams started and immediately threw his body into the mix as he always does. By night’s end Williams had drawn two offensive fouls (somehow his first two of the year). That’s the senior leadership you need to have a successful and long season.

  • Cameron Johnson once again led the team in scoring (20). The combination of his health and his second year in the Carolina system have allowed him to be a much more active and attacking player. Four other Tar Heels scored in double figures.
  • Remember last year when you fretted every time Coach Williams substituted because the bench struggled so mightily? In the first five games of the 2018-19 season, the Carolina bench is outscoring the opponents’ bench 194-66.
  • If you haven’t noticed, Coby White is blazing fast. He’s still learning to harness that speed, but it did cause a funny moment in the second half. White led a fast break and stopped suddenly for a pull-up near the free throw line. As he did so the St. Francis defender literally came out of his shoe. Here’s video of the play:

  • Despite the sloppy play, Carolina scored 100+ points for the third time in the last four games.
  • This was yet another game where no Tar Heel hit 30 minutes of playing time. Through five games, only two players have had to play 30+ minutes in any game (Luke Maye and Cam Johnson against Wofford).

  • Nassir Little had an impressive game. 19 points on 8-for-9 shooting and seven rebounds. Perhaps the most remarkable moment was his back-to-back three point plays. Little has shown a capability to finish strong through contact. This will be important in ACC play. Here’s a tasty dunk for you:

  • Luke Maye finally secured a double-double (11 points | 10 rebounds). He’ll get his if and when he needs to, but as referenced earlier, this teams’ depth doesn’t need him to do as much every night out. And that’s a good thing. Incidentally, Maye now has 931 career points. If his averages hold, he should eclipse 1,000 on December 15 against Gonzaga.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC vs. Tennessee Tech

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 108-58 home win on Friday night over Tennessee Tech.


  • Let’s first address what we’re all most concerned about: Kenny Williams’ ankle. All reports are that it appears to be a minor injury. Coach Williams indicated he could be ready for Monday’s game against St. Francis. However, in a game the Heels should win, expect the coaching staff to proceed with caution. Here’s the injury:

  • Speaking of Kenny Williams, with just over 13:00 left in the second half and the, he missed a three but sprinted back on defense to thwart an ally-oop. By the way, Carolina was up 35 points when that happened. That’s Kenny Williams being Kenny Williams and the reason why everyone was so concerned about an injury for a player shooting 29.6 percent and 12.5 percent from three. Here’s the play:

  • In half the games this season Seventh Woods has five or more assists and zero turnovers. The tally for this game was eight assists (a career high) against zero turnovers, bringing his assist-to-turnover ratio for the season to 5:1. Woods has already equaled his total number of assists from last season (20), while only surrendering one-third of last season’s turnovers (4 vs. 12). Woods also hit a three pointer; just the third of his career after sinking two in the first four games of his freshman year. Here’s Woods talking about his performance on Friday night:
  • Woods and Coby White combined for 12 assists and just two turnovers. If the Tar Heel point guards can maintain this level of production, the 2018-19 season will be special. Additionally, Leaky Black, who will also shoulder meaningful point guard minutes has seven assists with only two turnovers.
  • Luke Maye hasn’t recorded a double-double yet this season. And that’s a great thing. Hear me out: It’s because he hasn’t had to. Two reasons why. First, this team has more depth and balance than last year. Against Tennessee Tech six different players had double-digit points and 10 had six or more points. The other reason is minutes played. Only twice this season has a player had to play 30 minutes or more (Maye and Cameron Johnson against Wofford).
  • And yet, don’t be confused about Maye’s level of play or efficiency. In just 20 minutes against Tennessee Tech he scored 15 points and hauled in eight rebounds. For the season he is averaging 15.8 points and 8.3 rebounds in just 26.5 minutes. Also, I’m not going to tell Tennessee Tech how to play defense, but in the future they might want to guard a preseason All-American rather than leave him continuously wide open under the basket.
  • Different night, same rebounding story. The Tar Heels outrebounded Tennessee Tech 54-24 (+30) and had more offensive rebounds (18) than the Golden Eagles had defensive rebounds (15). Because this is a regular occurrence, Carolina fans might not appreciate how impressive this stat actually is.
  • With several freshmen getting meaningful minutes, there will be a fair share of freshman mistakes early in the season. Just before halftime, Carolina got a turnover with 20 seconds remaining. Instead of holding for the last shot, Coby White took (and missed) a three pointer with 12 seconds left. Those 12 seconds were enough time for Tennessee Tech to hit a three of their own. The result didn’t matter much in this game, but those three points could be the different between a win and a loss in an important ACC game.
  • The Tar Heels have scored 50+ points in five of the last six halves they’ve played and are averaging 98.0 points per game. After a sub-par defensive showing against Stanford on Monday, a higher level of defensive attention and buy-in was evident. If the defensive intensity can match the offensive output throughout the season, Roy Williams will be a happy man.
  • Sure, Tennessee Tech isn’t good, but Carolina did a much better job than against Stanford of putting the opponent away in the second half. They extended a 24-point halftime lead to 50 by game’s end.
  • Carolina recorded 16 steals. That’s the most since taking 17 in the 107-56 drubbing of NC State in the 2016-17 National Championship season. Here’s a steal from Leaky Black leading to a Kenny Williams lay-up:

  • Several positive signs from Sterling Manley. He hit two mid-range jumpers (and looked smooth doing so). Another was around the 2:00 mark of the first half when he chased down a rebound well out of his area and slithered in for the put-back. On the subsequent defensive possession he dove after a loose ball to secure a jump ball. Here’s one of the jump shots:

  • This team has a chance to shoot a high percentage from the free throw line. The current team average is 73 percent. Coby White and Cam Johnson are both shooting over 90 percent and Leaky Black is at 85 percent. Luke Maye (who will have the most free throw opportunities on the team) is shooting 78.3 percent after previously shooting 59.8 percent for his career.

Roy Williams postgame press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC @ Elon

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 116-67 road win on Friday night over Elon.


  • Let’s not bury the lead: rebounding was the story of the game. 60 rebounds for Carolina. First time to haul in 60 boards since grabbing 64 against Duke on March 5, 2016. Additionally, the Heels had more offensive boards (24) than Elon had defensive boards (21). And those offensive rebounds led to:

  • A point of concern has been turnovers. That number continued to shrink tonight, with Carolina only surrendering 11. Most importantly, the point guards combined for only one of those 11.
  • Garrison Brooks did not have the same numbers as he did against Wofford, but was solid. Seven points on 3-for-5 shooting, six rebounds, and three steals in 16 minutes. Sterling Manley had a much more productive night: 11 points and eight boards in 15 minutes. A combined 18 points & 14 boards in 31 minutes is great production from the center position.
  • Remember last year when Cam Johnson only shot 34% from deep? Two games is an admittedly small sample size, but he is 7-for-10 so far this year. Additionally he hasn’t missed a free throw yet and is leading the team in scoring. Impressively, as well as Johnson is shooting, he’s still looking for his teammates. Against Wofford, a lob in the lane to Garrison Brooks. Against Elon, a kick out to Coby White for a three in transition. In both instances, Johnson could have taken the shot and no one would have batted an eye. But in both instances he found a better shot. Here’s Johnson talking about his shot:
  • Last year, Carolina had to rely heavily on the starters for consistent offensive production. While tonight’s game was admittedly against Elon, the bench contributed 65 points.
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the Tar Heel guards will need to do better at stopping dribble penetration (which leads to wide open threes) going forward. After allowing the Phoenix to shoot 57% from the field in the first half, Carolina buckled down in the last 20 minutes and allowed a paltry 16% field goal percentage.
  • Leaky Black is the type of guy that might wind up with a triple-double on his résumé before he leaves Chapel Hill. The rangy freshman finished tonight with eight points, six boards, five assists, zero turnovers and a steal in just 15 minutes.
  • 10 different Tar Heels scored…in the FIRST HALF. All 15 available players scored a point in the game (Walker Miller was out with an injury).

  • Poor Kenny Williams can’t buy a basket right now. He still hasn’t made a field goal and his only point in the first two games is one made free throw. As has been documented, Williams is impacting the games in multiple other ways. His shot will come around (unless his shoulder injury from the other night is worse than we know).
  • More on the point guards: Coby White (14 points, three boards, two assists, a turnover and a steal), traditionally a score-first point guard, is still learning how to balance when to hunt his shot and when to distribute. He is young, relentlessly fast, can light it up and will have a long leash. Be patient with him Tar Heel fans. Remember than playing point guard for Roy Williams is one of the most difficult things in college basketball. Seventh Woods (three points, three boards, five assists, one block and zero turnovers) looked the most comfortable I’ve ever seen him. He is in control, setting others up and making good play for himself. Here’s White talking about adjusting to the point guard role:
  • Having more offensive firepower this year is allowing Luke Maye to somehow fly under the radar. He scored 24 points against Wofford and it was an afterthought. He had a near double-double tonight (eight points, 10 boards) and it’s just business as usual. He’s a career below 60% free throw shooter who is shooting 91% so far this year. The lack of attention will hopefully allow Maye to be more fresh as the season wears on.
  • Is it time to talk about Nassir Little now? This guy can do a little bit of everything. Hit threes. Block shots. Dunk ferociously. Play defense. Despite an authoritative tip-dunk at the end of first half, Little’s first huge highlight reel dunk came with just under 14:00 left in the game after stealing an Elon pass and finding himself alone on the break. Little is beautifully not forcing anything at this point, just playing within the flow of the team. He is very “North Carolina”.

Roy Williams post-game press conference:

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Quick Hitters – UNC @ Wofford

Quick Hitters from North Carolina’s 78-67 road win on Tuesday night over Wofford.


  • First off, kudos to Coach Roy Williams for scheduling back-to-back true road games to start the season. The first of which was tonight’s rematch against essentially the same Wofford team that beat Carolina in the Smith Center last season. Click here to read how the Tar Heels’ true road non-conference scheduling compares to other blue blood programs.
  • Turnovers (22 of them) were an issue in Carolina’s exhibition game against Mt. Olive. The Heels started off in the same mode, committing four before the first media timeout, finishing with 15 total. While starting point guard Coby White was responsible for two, Seventh Woods kept his miscues to one.
  • Speaking of White, he unfortunately had a rough first game. Whether it was nerves or something else, the team looked smoother with Woods at the helm. In addition to White’s three turnovers, he took several ill-advised, early shot clock threes. The kind you can get at any point in a possession. The good news is that White played a much better final five minutes, hitting a couple shots and making some solid passes. The electric freshman should settle in to his role and run the team with aplomb.

  • On the flip side of the point guard equation, Woods turned in a solid effort. He made several hustle plays, had a 3:1 assist-to-turnover ratio and nabbed two steals. This is a foundation that Woods can hopefully build on as he continues learning to trust his body again.
  • Wofford’s Fletcher Magee, one of the best shooters in the country, had a rough shooting night. He didn’t hit a field goal for the first 16 minutes of the game. His first three didn’t come until six minutes into the second half. Though he finished with 21 points, it took 23 shots to get there.
  • Coach Williams started the same five in each half: White, Kenny Williams, Cam Johnson, Luke Maye and Garrison Brooks.
  • Offensive rebounding numbers were of concern on Tuesday night. While the Tar Heels won the overall rebounding battle 35-27, they won the offensive rebound category only 10-9. Although against a team that shoots a lot of threes, leading to unpredictable long rebounds, Coach Williams will not be happy surrendering that many to the undersized Wofford team.
  • Garrison Brooks had a big game against Mt. Olive and several questioned if it was a one-off or if that level of performance would transfer to the regular season. A career high 20 points and five rebounds later, it appears the answer is “yes”. If Brooks can consistently provide that level of production from the center position, the Tar Heels will be in good shape.
  • On the flip side of the sophomore big equation, Sterling Manley was wholly ineffective. He missed his only field goal attempt and both free throws he took. The Tar Heels will need Manley to step up in the future. History suggests he will.
  • Sticking with big men, Luke Maye led all scorers with 24 points, scoring in a variety of ways as usual. With everything Maye did extraordinarily well last year, the free throw line was a chief area of needed improvement (59.8% career). Maye went 8-for-9 from the line tonight, the most he’s ever made in a single game.
  • Coach Williams has consistently praised the shooting of his team and it showed on Tuesday night as the Heels shot 9-for-22 from deep. Cam Johnson was the key contributor, personally going 5-for-7 from three. Johnson also (importantly) led the team in rebounds with eight, five of which were offensive.
  • Kenny Williams didn’t score a point, but affected the game in a multitude of other ways. Williams played strong individual defense against Wofford’s backcourt, hauled in six rebounds and passed out a team high five assists. Of concern is that Williams appeared to hurt his shoulder diving after a loose ball late in the game. He came back in later, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

  • Though he had a quiet Tar Heel debut, Nassir Little hit a confident three to push the cushion back to six after back-to-back threes from Magee cut the Tar Heel to three. His athleticism is obvious, and it will be fun for Tar Heel fans to watch him develop throughout the year.

Roy Williams post-game press conference:

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